SiliconDust releases support for multiple recording engines

Details are a bit light on how SiliconDust’s new horizontal scaling scheme is implemented, but it seems a welcome addition to the flexibility of the platform, especially with the introduction of the Scribe and Servio models. While the long time users are used to the “complexity” of adding additional storage to the NAS/PC/whatever these new hardware bits obfuscate that complexity (a good thing) for those who aren’t inclined to deal with it.

We are excited to announce a free major upgrade to the HDHomeRun DVR Engine. It is now possible to run more than one DVR Engine on your network for more storage.

That means you can start a DVR Engine on your Windows 10 PC, install another DVR Engine onto a NAS, and buy a new HDHomeRun SERVIO. All three DVR Engines will work together recording your favorite shows.