WTF Sonos

I get that companies want to sell existing customers new kit, and it totally makes sense to create an incentive for them to do that. Greasing the wheels a bit to make it easier – not everyone wants to deal with Craigslist or Ebay – also makes sense. But if it’s true that Sonos is intentionally bricking working speakers via […]

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UniFi AP BeaconHD Announced

Not sure what’s up with all the product announcements lately, but this is a good one if you have a Unifi system, need better wireless coverage, and can’t run more Cat. Yep, this is Ubiquiti’s Unifi $129 dedicated mesh product (Amplifi is the a mesh/mesh product), but the more interesting thing about this product announcement (at least to me) is […]

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Harman’s HK Surround 5.1 Speaker System joins the WiSA party

Details are bit light on pricing and actual availability, but it is welcome news that another WiSA compatible 5.1 speaker system will be in market soon. WiSA Announces Certification of Harman’s HK Surround 5.1 Speaker System Follows Growing Roster of WiSA Certified Products from Harman’s Lifestyle Audio   SAN JOSE, CA (November 6, 2019) – WiSA® LLC, the Wireless Speaker […]

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