Add 200′ of range to your Wi-Fi devices for FREE!

This will never happen, mostly because networking OEMs aren’t really into doing anything for free*, but also because when you look at what the researchers at BYU have done it doesn’t really deliver a practical benefit. Holding on to a painfully slow (i.e. less than 1Mbps) connection isn’t really very useful for devices that people actually use. But, for IoT […]

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Konnected Version 2 and 2 pro announced

Konnected has announced its next line of products. Given I am a huge fan of Konnected’s hardware and setupm I am excited. This truly is an amazing system to convert older wired alarm systems into a smart home. I use it with Hubitat and it is by far the most reliable piece of Home Automation Software I have.   I […]

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Fitbit seems confused about its lineup

I received an email today asking of I “was ready to upgrade my Charge 3”, with the Versa 2 being the target of this marketing. Clearly someone at Fitbit doesn’t understand what they are selling. Form factor matters, and that’s the main value in the Charge line versus the Versa, and frankly much more capable smart watches/trackers. If I wanted […]

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