Training away from local

You hear a lot about the decline of the local bike shop. Somehow it’s the customer’s fault that they are struggling. But perhaps it’s not quite that simple. Today I visited Wilmette Bicycle (my local bike shop), asking about a part, only to be told on the first ask that the worker didn’t know what it was, and (most importantly) […]

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Silence is golden, er… platinum

There are myriad quiet PSU out there, but Fractal Design’s new Ion+ Platinum is the first I’ve seen that can be configured to run in a semi-passive “Zero RPM” mode. Which frankly sounds like the perfect approach to selecting a PSU for a HTPC, or any PC, that will be used in a noise sensitive environment. Introducing the Ion+ Platinum […]

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Maelstrom Fan Controller

I’ve considered building a “smart” fan controller several times, but my planned implementation (rPi + ANT dongle + dimmer) is nowhere near as slick as what Keith has implemented. Which makes sense, because his plan could actually include selling it… Count me in.

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