If you’re thinking about signing up for Disney Plus, do it now

Personally, I’m on the fence for Disney’s upcoming streaming service, but if you’re sold on the MCU and the massive amount of Star Wars and super hero content that will surely gush from the mouse’s maw – now is the time to lock in a massive [relative] discount on the service.

On Monday, Disney opened up discounted online preorders for Disney Plus — if you pay upfront for a three-year subscription. A “Founders Circle” offer cuts $23 off the annual price if you commit to three years. That works out to be $140.97 total, or the equivalent of $3.92 a month. The offer was first available over the weekend to people who attended Disney’s biennial fan convention, the D23 Expo. But Monday, Disney opened up the same offer online to all members of its D23 fan club, which anyone can join for free.