VUDU pulls plug on NVIDIA Shield TV 4K UHD Support

It’s an odd one, and I can’t find any good information around what the issue is, or how long they expect 4K UHD to be disabled on the Shield TV. The link in the email VUDU sent me (below), just goes to the forum where, if there is information on this issue, it’s really well hidden.

Nvidia has made us aware of an UHD issue that will affect Vudu Nvidia Shield users and prevent playback in UHD quality. Due to this, UHD playback on Nvidia Shield devices will be limited to HDX quality starting at 3pm PT today. Playback on other Vudu-enabled devices will not be affected, and you will be able to watch your collection in 4K UHD on non-Nvidia Shield devices.

We understand this is frustrating and inconvenient but rest assured that you will still have the UHD quality you purchased and will be able to watch in UHD when the issue is resolved by.

You can find additional information and updates on the Nvidia forums, here.