Remapping the Netflix button – 2019 NVIDIA Shield TV edition

I think dedicated provider buttons on remotes are stupid. Mostly because it’s marketing, but also it’s real estate that could be better used for something else. But there is a plus side, especially when running on a device like the NVIDIA Shield TV, because like a PC, you can install real apps/software on it. So it’s possible to reclaim control of that Netflix button on the 2019 Shield’s remote, and make it do what ever you want :D.

In case anyone wants to remap the Netflix button, go grab Button Mapper by flar2 from the playstore. Upon opening, you’ll click the “add button”, and then assign whatever function or hotkey you want for it. I briefly tested it out as a hotkey to load Kodi, and it was working nicely. Currently have it set as a pause/play button. There’s quite a numerous amount of remapping options with it, including disabling it.