Ubiquiti announces UniFi LTE – WAN over LTE

$200 for a PoE LTE WAN adapter isn’t bad, but I think going with an embedded AT&T SIM reduces the flexibility of the device. For me, because I don’t care for AT&T wireless and there are more cost effective providers, but also in the larger market there are plenty of locations where AT&T’s coverage isn’t good enough for a primary solution mobile, let alone a backup. Hopefully, this is one of those things where the embedded SIM can just be swapped over, but we’ll have to wait for someone to pull it apart to find out.

Mount the UniFi LTE device anywhere with a strong LTE signal and connect it to any part of your UniFi network. The UniFi LTE device creates a secure tunnel to the UniFi Security Gateway or Dream Machine and shows up automatically in the UniFi Controller.