Ubiquiti announces UniFi LTE – WAN over LTE

$200 for a PoE LTE WAN adapter isn’t bad, but I think going with an embedded AT&T SIM reduces the flexibility of the device. For me, because I don’t care for AT&T wireless and there are more cost effective providers, but also in the larger market there are plenty of locations where AT&T’s coverage isn’t good enough for a primary […]

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Cambox V4 Pro – Underhat Action Camera

Apparently it’s Kickstarter season, or maybe more things have piqued my interest lately. This 4K@60FPS 67g (battery included) action camera looks pretty cool for a few reasons. Mostly because it sorts the maybe-you-shouldn’t-put-stuff-on-your-helmet problem, but also the HEY-there’s-an-ugly-camera-creating-aerodynamic-drag-on-your-helmet issue as well. Cambox claims that it will attach to the bill(?) of any helmet, but the details around HOW are a […]

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Add 200′ of range to your Wi-Fi devices for FREE!

This will never happen, mostly because networking OEMs aren’t really into doing anything for free*, but also because when you look at what the researchers at BYU have done it doesn’t really deliver a practical benefit. Holding on to a painfully slow (i.e. less than 1Mbps) connection isn’t really very useful for devices that people actually use. But, for IoT […]

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