Hubitat updating Rules engine to 3.0

Hubitat has posted about an update coming to their hubs. Names Rules Engine 3.0 it sets to replace the current 2.5 version. That have added much more flexibility, for my use case. Having a script that is editable, else and elseif now available, and better changes to UI to handle all rules on one screen. (vs the multiple clicks it […]

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Wink may be joining Iris soon

It is only rumor right now but it wouldn’t surprise me. Apparently there have been lots of outages without explanation. In addition I have noticed hubs are no longer stocked at retails around me. The buzz around Reddit suggest development has stopped altogether. Although to be fair I had it for 2 years and the amount of development even done […]

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New Universal Remote option?

Somehow Best Buy popped this option into my inbox. Sevenhugs remote. It looks very interesting and appealing. The ability to control Sonos, Hue and with a little finagling probably my Hubitat hub. It appears it uses little pods around the room to tell what your aiming at. I do wish it was a little bigger and wasn’t all touchscreen. I […]

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