Logitech releases new remote…if you want to call it that

Sorry but this is just terrible and a huge step backwards for universal remotes. It reminds me of the AppleTV remote (which is the worst currently). Voice is a great augmentation to controls but honestly not much use, beyond turning stuff on or finding a video. This remote is missing way to many buttons and is way too small to be functional. I really liked the last gen harmony smart peanut remote with hub. Caavo is looking nice but the lack of Dobly Vision, is a no go in my house. DV and HDR is what makes 4k amazing to me and if a device doesn’t support it,I am not adding it. (Everything passes through Caavo, which to me is the wrong direction for a remote). I agree with Zats on this one

Harmony Express diminutive proportions belie its expense, running a fairly lofty $250. And, whereas most Harmonies rely on buttons and/or screens to control scenes and devices, the primary Express interface is voice – via Alexa, visualized by a spiffy Alexa-hued light ring embedded within the directional pad. However, voice makes a nice enhancement, a way to augment existing control … but certainly isn’t efficient for each and every activity. Source

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Andrew Van Til
5 years ago

I don’t want to yell at my TV, to make it do stuff, anyway :).

Seriously though, I only use voice control to turn things on. It’s disruptive to the experience to engage with your remote in that way while watching or listening to something.

5 years ago

I’m with you on this one. The last good remote Harmony put out was the Harmony One, IMHO. I actually own the Ultimate One, but it sits in the charging cradle and never gets used. I don’t like the favorite channel list in lieu of individual numerical buttons that allow you to punch in a channel directly. I really hate voice activated remotes like the ones that come with my Shield or my Samsung TVs. There used to be a time if they caught you talking to your TV they would call the men in the white coats with the butterfly net to come take you away.