Hubitat updating Rules engine to 3.0

Hubitat has posted about an update coming to their hubs. Names Rules Engine 3.0 it sets to replace the current 2.5 version. That have added much more flexibility, for my use case. Having a script that is editable, else and elseif now available, and better changes to UI to handle all rules on one screen. (vs the multiple clicks it use to take). I know I will be using this as soon as its pushed upstream.


In recent releases of Rule 2.5, a major effort was made to redo the UI for defining Conditions, Trigger Events, and Rules. In each case, the UI was streamlined and flattened to a single page. The ability to easily edit Conditions, and redo Rules was introduced. Rule 3.0 brings this same UI overhaul to Action definition. The UI is streamlined and flattened, and actions can be easily edited. But, the changes don’t stop there: Rule 3.0 introduces considerable new power and flexibility to Rule Machine actions. Source