Hubitat announces support for Iris by Lowe’s

They have been working on this for a while. It seems they finally announced it officially. Support for Iris by Lowe’s Version 1 Zigbee devices. This is a huge boost for anyone stuck with Iris gear (especially if they took advantage of the refunds from Lowe’s). This will allow them to move over to a much better and local hub option. My current Hub of choice!

See here for Hubitat’s FAQ on Iris by Lowe’s

Despite the closed cloud based system, Mike and the rest of the Hubitat team were able to take his proof of concept and integrate it into the platform and release it as part of the 2.0.8 software release available today.

“We are doing the impossible, supporting Iris Version 1 Zigbee sensors on a platform that doesn’t require the cloud or an internet connection to work,” said Patrick Stuart, Vice President of Product and Business Development.  “We have an experienced yet scrappy team that just doesn’t take no for an answer. Source