WTF Sonos

I get that companies want to sell existing customers new kit, and it totally makes sense to create an incentive for them to do that. Greasing the wheels a bit to make it easier – not everyone wants to deal with Craigslist or Ebay – also makes sense. But if it’s true that Sonos is intentionally bricking working speakers via “Recycle Mode” when they are traded up, that’s… wow… just horrible. What makes it even worse, is that it this is clearly a play to remove the speakers from the second hand market…


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4 years ago

Sounds like perfect grounds for a class action lawsuit. If you buy a product then that product belongs to you, except when it comes to intellectual property rights and copyrights. If I want to sell a used product that I p[aid for then I should have that right. Sonos does not have the right to disable a working product that I own. This article just convinced me never to buy any Sonos product. How’s that for advertising?