UniFi AP BeaconHD Announced

Not sure what’s up with all the product announcements lately, but this is a good one if you have a Unifi system, need better wireless coverage, and can’t run more Cat. Yep, this is Ubiquiti’s Unifi $129 dedicated mesh product (Amplifi is the a mesh/mesh product), but the more interesting thing about this product announcement (at least to me) is that the PR image shows two things it probably shouldn’t. First, the Unifi access point (UAP) is mounted vertically, which works in a pinch, but according to my testing and their documentation is a horrible way to do it. And second, the UDM Pro, shown driving the whole thing, doesn’t exist yet – at least officially.

The UniFi AP Beacon HD is the fastest way to extend Wi-Fi coverage and increase throughput in your home or office. The sleek design integrates easily into any environment and plugs into a standard US wall outlet. The 5 GHz uplink connection is 15 dB stronger than typical Wi-Fi devices, which results in more than a 4x larger Wi-Fi coverage range in an open space.


  • 802.11ac Wave 2, 4×4 MU-MIMO technology
  • 400+ Mbps performance over a wireless mesh hop
  • High Output Power (EIRP): 30 dBm for 5 GHz, 24.8 dBm for 2.4 GHz
  • Works with UniFi AP or Dream Machine
  • Automatically discovered for adoption by UniFi Network Controller