Hisense @ CES 2013


I really wanted to like Hisense when the opportunity to swing by the booth arose. After all, what’s not to like about the promise of huge, cheap TV that very closely mirror Samsung’s outstanding industrial design. Unfortunately, I struggled to find a better case of the “get what you pay for” rule, with some of the lowest quality displays I witnessed at CES 2013. Now to be fair, there are certainly are times and places where a size matters more than quality (dorm rooms, digital signage, etc.), but I’m very confident that my home isn’t one of them.

Hisense also stood out as the only vendor at CES (that I witnessed) where the before and after shots actually looked better in the before scenario. It’s really hard to see in the “U-LED” shot (on the click through) that while the display on the left does have better blacks, it also crushes detail so much that the brighter, washed out HD on the right produced a higher quality image in person.