NETGEAR Press Conference


NETGEAR had a little something for the connected home enthusiast at their PR event today. Adding Sling to the NeoTV MAX was neat, but unless you have a Sling box it wasn’t nearly as interesting as the NeoTV PRIME. While I have to question the name (don’t we have enough PRIME devices out there?), their implementation of Google TV did look interesting – especially as that product matures with Google Play, a full implementation of Chrome and OTT services like Amazon Video and Netflix.

For those dabbling in home automation, the VUEZONE looked pretty slick because of its zero touch installation. The battery operated, wireless camera can be had with night vision and a weather guard so much easier than figuring out a more traditional security camera install. It will be interesting to see how easy it is to pull the video off the devices (it’s “cloud” backed) but still very cool.

If you need a wireless extender, NETGEAR had something for you as well with a slim DLNA audio/AirPlay repeater announced as well.

Click through for the photos from the press event.