Hands on with the GlideTV Navigator


Dave got his hands on the new GlideTV HTPC controller which was all the rage last week, and for good reason. It’s a pretty innovative concept, but coming in at $150 is tough to swallow, especially given the other controller options that are out there (the similarly priced Dinovo Mini is pretty darned good alread). I’d love to give it […]

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And the ASUS AT3N7A-I Motherboard Winner Is….

The News submission contest ended this past Sunday, and the entries were entered in a random drawing…and the winner of the ASUS AT3N7A-I Mini-ITX Motherboard is……*drumroll*….MEESTER.RIP! No surprise there, as the odds were *heavily* in his favor after submitting 9 submissions! So congratulations Meester!!! Please e-mail me to arrange for shipment of your prize, mike @ missingremote.com. And stay tuned […]

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Kingston 40GB V Series Boot Drive SSD Review

I need to check out the size of my current W7 installation. If it is under 30GB I might take a look at this drive once the price settles. My MyMovies library is a little sluggish when loading all the covers. I would think this would improve that.   The drive’s performance was nothing short of amazing as we were […]

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October 27th Blu-ray Releases

Nothing that really sparks me is coming out this weekend, but the pick of the week is going to be a shoutout to all my fellow geek friends that got into this show. I’ve heard great things about it, just never got into it. Outside of that, the new Ice Age is out, and then that creepy Orphan horror/thriller. Pretty […]

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MC7: Mount Image Add-In v1.1

I thought I’d share an update to my Mount Image add-in for MC7.  It basically makes ISOs (and other support disc formats) visible to the native Movie Library and Video Library and will mount it for you either via "More" or via Play directly.  If you hit play then you’ll temporarily see a video error screen as the disc image […]

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