Kingston 40GB V Series Boot Drive SSD Review

I need to check out the size of my current W7 installation. If it is under 30GB I might take a look at this drive once the price settles. My MyMovies library is a little sluggish when loading all the covers. I would think this would improve that.


The drive’s performance was nothing short of amazing as we were seeing sequential read speeds over 230MB/s in popular benchmarks like HDTach. The drive is rated for a sequential read speed of up to 170MB/s, so this was a nice surprise. The Achilles heel of this product would have to be its write speeds. The drive comes rated at up to 40MB/s for the sequential write speed and that is nothing earth shattering and to be honest, most hard drives can beat that. The 4K random write speeds on the other hand were the best that we have ever seen, so the write performance of the drive is either great or mediocre depending on how you look at it.