New Media Browser Released: The Phoenix Has Landed


Media Browser is an incredibly powerful movie and TV plugin for your Windows 7 Media Center system. While rumor had it they were going commercial, that hasn’t happened yet…so take advantage while it’s still free!   DMZ The guys from Media Browser have been hard at work and it shows. Though I’ve only had a few hours to toy around […]

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Sonos’s All-In-One Connected Speaker System

Sonos has really done well for themselves and continue to evolve their already dominant marketplace on home audio distribution. Dave Zatz takes a look at their new zone player, which really looks like it’s going against the good old overpriced Bose systems we’ve become familiar with. ZnF The S5 provides integrated WiFi functionality yet, to maintain high availability audio streaming, […]

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Panasonic TC-P54Z1 -Thin, Beautiful and Fabulous

Many people feared when Pioneer decided to abandon the Plasma market with their renowned sets that it meant gloom for the popular television technology, but Panasonic is more than willing to fill in their slots with this new sexy offering. HDGuru goes really in depth on this thing, which it should with an MSRP of $5500! HDGuru The Z1 produces […]

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Is GlideTV’s “Couch Mouse” the Ultimate Remote?

i have heard this is a great addition for mousing from the couch.  would love to have one of these.   Is GlideTV’s "Couch Mouse" the Ultimate Remote? Posted 10/14/09 at 08:30:23 AM  by Paul Lilly Comments Print Email Home entertainment company GlideTV on Tuesday announced a new device the company says combines the functionality of a keyboard, mouse, and […]

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Netflix for Windows7 Screenshots Found


I have no idea how Stuart got his hands on these, as I just checked my Windows 7 build and nada as far as Netflix availability. Anyone else seeing it? Looks nice, but pretty close to what was already there, not sure what all the secret was for.   Media Center Blog The new Netflix application has changed from the […]

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