Panasonic TC-P54Z1 -Thin, Beautiful and Fabulous

Many people feared when Pioneer decided to abandon the Plasma market with their renowned sets that it meant gloom for the popular television technology, but Panasonic is more than willing to fill in their slots with this new sexy offering. HDGuru goes really in depth on this thing, which it should with an MSRP of $5500!


The Z1 produces very deep black levels. Using our new Konica Minolta LS-100 meter we obtained a minimum black of just .009 ft lamberts, a number that beats most LCD displays and produced a very deep shade of black. How does this compare to the Pioneer Kuro Pro-141FD? The now discontinued Pioneer still beats it, coming in below the accuracy of the meter, which is at or below .003 ft. lamberts (according to Konica Minolta). We did not have an opportunity to compare the Z1’s reading with a V10, however we plan to do so in the near future and will update the review accordingly.