Nielsen Estimates Number of U.S. Television Homes to be 114.7 Million

Here’s an interesting report from Nielsen given how I was thinking that TV purchases themselves were as popular as ever. Maybe it’s down because of all the deals last year where anyone that was interested has already bought their TV sets?

“The media marketplace continues to evolve and become more complex. Some consumers are clearly being driven by the economy to make choices on the media devices they purchase. Others are expanding their equipment to add more audio/video devices to their home. Still others may be deferring a TV purchase or replacing their TV with a computer,” said Pat McDonough, Senior Vice President, Insights and Analysis, The Nielsen Company. “Nielsen’s cross-platform media strategy will allow us to measure all of this content and report the total picture of video consumption to our clients regardless of delivery method. As the census data shows that we are a more diverse country, our measurements evolve to reflect our diversity and also to encompass all the ways that Americans consume media.”


  • I think it has more to do

    I think it has more to do with Nielsen being inaccurate than a decline in sales last year.  These results included using data from 2010 census.  There was another decline in 1992 when they included data from the 1990 census.  I assume that when they implement the census data it gets used to reset any skew that their calculations have.