Roku XR Slightly Less Underwhelming With Addition Of 802.11n and USB

Haven’t had a chance to try one of these yet.  mostly have done netflix streaming to a pc-driven HDTV.  sounds like more streams are coming to the roku player.


Spy shots of the new Roku XR
Netflix streaming box over at Engadget seem to indicate that upgrades
like 802.11n and a USB port are on their way—but that isn’t nearly
enough to justify getting one.

After all, Roku players only stream media from a handful of sources
while an HTPC opens up the entire internet for playback on a TV. Plus, nettops and other small PCs are becoming extremely affordable. Unless the XR costs next to nothing, it makes more sense to save up for an HTPC. In the end, you might recoup the added expense by ditching your cable service. [Engadget]