Watching TV while surfing the Internet? You’re not alone

This is the least surprising report I’ve seen in a while, and I think the proliferation of laptops and netbooks has really just made this shift all the more easier. The better question is what is the users more focus on–do they simply have their e-mail open for occasional checking, or are they actively browsing or viewing other content in conjunction?


Where are we getting all of that time? We are apparently overlapping it. A full 57 percent of US Internet users reported browsing the Internet and watching the TV simultaneously—an activity that was largely unheard of in your average home even five years ago, but is relatively common these days. On average, these people spent about 2 hours and 39 minutes per month doing these activities together, with almost a third of their Internet time being spent in front of the TV. "This simultaneous activity is one reason we see continued growth of both Internet and TV consumption," wrote Nielsen.