Mvix Minx HD Home-Theater


Nice price point on a small client device here from Mvix, but I’d be concerned about the power sacrifices you’re making by not going ION here as the AMD Dualcore CPU is almost certainly going to draw more watts than a comparable Atom chip. But it’s small enough. Full specs through the link.   eHomeUpgrade Unlike the current crop of […]

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74% of PS3 owners have watched a Blu-ray movie

This is interesting but not sure it matters in the whole scheme of things. Considering the average PS3 owner is a 28-year old male who probably enjoys technology anyways…and probably own either Iron Man or Transformers on Blu-ray. So it could be slightly skewed. Joystiq SCEA’s Eric Lempel spoke with Variety’s Video Business, and he said that a significant majority […]

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Movie studios again demand HDTV disabling powers from FCC

Boy does this sound just awful. Any time a group of corporations are trying to do something that they can’t clearly explain why it’s clearly beneficial to the consumers, is probably not going to. ArsTechnica The Motion Picture Association of America has once again asked the Federal Communications Commission for the right to selectively control output streams to the TV […]

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Gladiator Blu-ray Not as Great as Expected?

If you read our Blu-ray releases for the week , you’ll note that two of my favorite films–Braveheart and Gladiator–were being released this week. Unfortunately, the buzz around some screenshots on the internet was quite dissapointing for the transfer of Gladiator. Here’s an actual review of the discs–good news is Braveheart is "Breathtaking." Bad news, seeing how great Braveheart is […]

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Sony to Outsource LCD TV Production to Hon Hai

Some curious news out of Sony, who apparantly are having to make some changes to compete with the plethora of lower cost LCD manufacturers which are cutting into their profits. Of course, what’s unknown is if performance will suffer from the switch or if everything will remain the same. One thing’s guaranteed, Sony sets will remain overpriced, and my Father […]

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Video-On-Demand breaks transactions record in July

Good news for the internet video world, and not really all that surprising. Just look at how many television and blu-ray players now are focusing on streaming internet video, and of course the growing popularity of great shows on Hulu (ahem…Three Sheets!). I do wonder how MTV feels though about music-related content seeing the most growth…but then again they haven’t […]

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