Professionally Calibrate your TV and Save Money, so says THX

Normally I read these types of reports and shrug them off, but I agree with Engadget that this one is actually true and hopefully by coming from the folks at THX will empower consumers to learn more about their expensive TV sets, and save money in the process. As a lot of people know, the super backlit settings that your TV comes with is really for show and you can be getting a much better picture out of your unit by properly setting the lighting for your room.


The THX research demonstrated in all cases that a calibrated viewing mode consumed less energy than Vivid and Dynamic modes. The approximate savings for consumers ranged from 15 – 50 percent. A properly calibrated HDTV, in some cases, can save consumers up to $40 – $50 per year–equivalent to a tank of gas or two movies on Blu-ray disc. The annual consumption and cost calculations are based on four hours of use per day and $0.1136 per kilowatt hours (kWH), which is the average residential rate as defined by the United States Energy Information Administration. Savings will increase or decrease as user behavior shifts.