LG reveal 15-inch OLED TV to cost $2.5k-$3k


Ok, I get the OLED thing, really. The technology is impressive and I’ve seen the displays in person and it is also impressive. But who in their right mind is going to spend almost $3,000 on a 15-inch television set to save 4 inches of space?!?! I know I know, prices will drop over time, but wow.   SlashGear While […]

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Seagate’s New FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player


Seagate continues their line of extender products with some beefier specs. I don’t recall much hype around their first version, so hopefully the changes made here will increase things for them. At least it’s not the design of an egg!   HDTV Magazine The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player now supports even more Audio/Video and sound formats including MPEG-1, […]

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New HP MediaSmart WHS Servers Announced

WeGotServed is ALL over the news of the just announced MediaSmart WHS Servers from HP, the EX490 and EX495. The 495 is on my wish list, as it includes a dual core CPU to go along with it’s 1.5TB hard drive. Kudos to HP for continuing onward with this product line which has clearly been a success for them. I […]

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