HDMI 1.4 and Through the Ages

We’ve been hearing the buzz on yet another HDMI standard, 1.4, coming out shortly and how you’ll need new everything to get it working. Here’s a good breakdown of the spec with what it’s going to contain, as well as a brief history on HDMI…where it’s been and what hopefully the future holds for it. Audioholics In a general sense, […]

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Panasonic Bows 3D Home Theater Road Show

What a busy news day today. I know 3D has been around for a long time so I just am stunned at how rapidly this has come to the forefront as being all the buzz in the movie world recently. With some successful and well implemented movies that do more with 3D than just cheesey effects, who would have thunk […]

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YouTube May Offer Pay Movies

This makes a lot of sense for everyone involved, just wondering what took them so long. There’s already so many visitors to the site watching short clips or trailers of movies, why not have a recommended engine which then allows users to watch a similar full length movie? Especially as more clips are coming out in HD? I think Netflix […]

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Toshiba Unveils $250 BDX2000 Blu-ray Player


Wow, I guess Toshiba was secretly working on their blu-ray player before they actually announced it–shocking, I know. Either that or they have some of the fastest engineers on earth. Either way, good to see another player on the BD market to up the competition and hopefully lower the price…eventually.   EH The BDX2000, a Profile 2.0 player (BD-Live), outputs […]

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Mitsubishi Ships VUDU Integrated 1080p LCDs

Hot on the heels of the LG release of enabling VUDU on some of their LCD sets, now comes Mitsubishi with some of theirs. Would love to see these in action, but so far I’ve been impressed at how similar to the actual VUDU experience the LG was, hopefully the Mitsubishi is just as good if not better. Reuters Consumers […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup 9/3

Lots of good podcasts today, but still feels weird to not have TheMedia Center Show since it was released earlier this week. Still some great selections here to help round out your week. Enjoy. The Custom Integrator Show Installment 01A This installment is the first of two providing an overview of the different 3-D technologies. While still an emerging market […]

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Understanding Codecs: Part 2-MPEG-4 Part 2

Part 2 is up of this great rundown of codecs over at The Digital Media Zone, covering topics such as DiVx and XVid codecs and how they differ. DMZ The important thing to remember with these codecs is the flexibility. With the ability to render video for low-resolution security cameras all the way up to HD content, as well as […]

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New Logitech Harmony 700 Remote


I guess the vail has been pulled on this remote. I’ve been actively using this for quite some time for testing and can say it’s pretty darned reliable. Not ready to drop my 890 for it (I actually use the RF) but the feature set is pretty complete. Don’t worry, expect a full review once we get closer to launch. […]

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