Thursday Podcast Roundup 9/3

Lots of good podcasts today, but still feels weird to not have TheMedia Center Show since it was released earlier this week. Still some great selections here to help round out your week. Enjoy.

The Custom Integrator Show Installment 01A

This installment is the first of two providing an overview of the different 3-D technologies. While still an emerging market without set standards, there is a lot of activity in the 3-D space. It is difficult to get a handle on any specific standards for 3-D in the home, but there are several approaches to delivering 3-D to theaters, which eventually will make it into the home. Ian I eye take a look at some of these as a way to prepare our designs to accommodate 3-D in the future.


The Custom Integrator Show Installment 019

Some of the topics we discuss include transcoding optimization considerations on the Windows Media Center PC when looking at GPU offloading capabilities and the new Secure Hardware Encoder/Decoder (SHED) features built into Windows 7. We also delve into several other considerations with upgrading to Windows 7 including how sharing content might change and the impact of the new WTV format for recorded TV.


Seen in HD Ep. 3 – FCC & your HDTV, I, Robot review and more

In the news on this week’s show, Adam and Phil take a look at a recent FCC ruling that could affect TV viewing on HTPCs and why some of the early furor may have been overdone. Also in the news, the Cowboys have the biggest 1080p scoreboard in their new stadium, why is it causing “do overs” in games? Finally a big sale on HDTVs at Best Buy and the trend of certain retailers getting Blu-ray new releases ahead of the general retail community (Best Buy has Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz a month ahead of general release), is it a good thing?