September 29th Blu-ray Releases

Pretty good selection of blu-rays this week. I really enjoyed the romantic comedy Management almost enough to make it our pick of the week, but in the end I had to go with my inner childhood memories. That being said, Snakes on a Plane is definitely a classic for the airplane disaster genre of movies. And if you’re in the […]

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Panasonic Develops 50-inch Full HD 3D PDP


And the 3D news just keeps on coming! Last week it was Sony, this week Panasonic is actually showing off a working unit with full 3D. Yes, glasses still required, but look at how cool they make you look!     Akihabara News Panasonic Corporation, a leader in high definition TV technology, has developed a 50-inch Full HD 3D compatible […]

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Getting Lossless Audio off the PC


While video quality is important, I find that it’s the audio that really transforms a good movie into an immersive experience.  As challenging as it can be to get flawless video playback working on the HTPC, enabling proper lossless multi-channel audio playback adds another layer of difficultly into the mix.  In this guide we will discuss the different options available […]

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