MPhony fully touch screen Receiver


This is just a concept, but it’s pretty unique. I’m not sure I’d prefer something like this, but I suppose it would definitely impress visitors. Of course, no pricing or word on availability yet, but thought you’d all enjoy it.   Gizmodo Yes, I’m a touch freak, and I love the Mphony AV receiver. No buttons except for what it […]

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Zotac shows its new ION ITX motherboard


Zotac continues making a name for themselves in the HTPC motherboard world with their feature packed ION ITX types. Here’s a new model which continues the trend and even has built-in wireless.   Fudzilla Zotac packed a lot of features on this motherboard and we are quite sure that if you wanted something else, it would just be impossible to […]

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VUDU on the LG BD390 review


Engadget got their hands on the LG HDTV with the built-in VUDU capabilities, and not surprisingly the experience is pretty much the same as with the separate VUDU box, for better and for worse–such as their limited collection and higher prices. But the quality is impressive.   EngadgetHD Like we said back when VUDU HDX was initially released, it is […]

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