Only 443,000 Standalone CableCards Have Been Used In Retail Devices

EngadgetHD came across this article covering Cable Card rollouts, which is pretty insulting given how cable card was supposed to balance everything out for the set top market hustle which MSO’s have.  But out of 16.7 MILLION set top boxes, only 443,000 non-MSO-STB cards have been ordered. There’s so many factors I’m sure which have contributed to this number, with the MSO’s terrible support of cards being at the top of my list. Things have gotten better, so c’mon folks, quit giving even more money to your cable provider!


"[I]n just over 24 months, cable operators have deployed almost 38 times as many CableCard-enabled devices [as] the total number of CableCards requested by customers for use in retail devices in over the last five years," NCTA general counsel Neal Goldberg wrote in the industry’s quarterly report to the FCC, which was filed Tuesday. As of Aug. 31, 29 consumer electronics manufacturers have had 605 cable-ready products like TVs and DVRs, according to the NCTA. In addition, eight tru2way-based devices have been certified for use.