Thursday Podcast Roundup, October 1st

Here’s the roundup of fantastic home theater and related podcasts for this week! Great content to help pass the time.

The Media Center Show #225 – tubeCore

This week on the show I am talking to Curtis Grey from about tubeCore the Windows Media Center application that enables content like hulu, cbc and other internet conent to play directly in to Media Center



Seen in HD Episode 6 – Blu-ray mainstream in 2010?

We lead off this week’s look at all things HD with an examination of an article from that says Blu-ray is expected to hit mainstream in 2010. The article bases its assertions off of data reported by NBD Crest group showing that early adopters are not the main Blu-ray buyers any more. Adam and Phil talk about what it will take for this to really happen.

Engadget HD Podcast 157 – 09.29.2009

No epic TV reviews / previews this week (though we did have time to mention The Cleveland Show leaving Family Guy behind and moving to HD in a pretty cool way, it’s embedded after the break), but there’s still some post-CEDIA discussion to be hashed out. Before we get to that, Panasonic’s 3D effort is one step closer to a real product with its 50-inch protype model that debuts next week, are we ready for the 3D onslaught? Then we get into a few more thoughts about the Popcorn Hour C-200, Pioneer’s new upscaling receivers and whether Best Buy’s all-in-one LCD & Blu-ray player could be a good deal. Then comes the CEDIA discussion and plenty of CableCARD, FCC and related discussion before moving on to Intel’s sweet IDF demos. Last up is the possibility of 1080p from your cable provider, the good news Top Gear is finally coming over to HDTV, and of course, our fabulous 3rd birthday celebration.


TDL Mobile Show #9

This week Jon and Sheldon take a look at the new Microsoft tablet as well as the HTC Leo and round up the latest mobile news.


The Custom Integrator Show Installment 01D

The Custom Integrator Show Installment 01D is live. We do get a bit side tracked at the beginning discussing Ian’s newly acquired Zune HD. Check out his initial impressions at I look forward to his in-depth technical analysis, especially regarding some of the questions we brought up in previous installments looking at how it might fit into the rest of the Windows ecosystem.