Apple CFO: No DVR, cable box features for Apple TV

EngadgetHD came across the news dispelling some rumors of what’s to come for the AppleTV platform. I’m definitely on the boat that I don’t think Apple really cares about the AppleTV (odd as it may be), but we’ll see later this week if I’m wrong. iLounge AppleInsider reports that Oppenheimer said the idea of adding live TV recording or other […]

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Shuttle K45 WHS Review


Shuttle is the company that really started the trend of fashionable and quiet small form factor PC’s years ago, and they have since quieted down quite a bit. They still are churning out boxes ready for the DIY-er crowd, and this K45 looks like a solid option if you are looking for a small WHS box and only need a […]

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Intel DG45ID mATX Motherboard


Intel DG45ID mATX Motherboard Intel has always been known for developing some of the most stable motherboards to accompany their processors. With the DG45ID introduction they offered a solution for HTPC enthusiasts who desired a full featured board with stability as a focus yet the special needs an HTPC motherboard needs–including small form factor, HDMI and DVI video and 7.1 […]

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