Philips launches Wireless HDTV Link, gives airborne HDMI a fightin’ chance


Now here’s a cool announcement. The FlyWire had been hyped for so long and got lots of people excited, only to be killed off very quickly. Now we hear news from Philips about their wireless HDMI transmitter which is equally expensive but hopefully sees the light of day.



Philips Wireless HDTV Link promises to set your TV free from the tyranny of cables with an HDMI transmitter / receiver pair that’ll let you place all those A/V components of yours a whopping 20 meters from your set. The base station has two HDMI connections, two component connections and boasts transmission of full 1080i and 1080p / 30 HD video. Coming soon (hopefully) this bad boy is retailing for €599.99 (about $850).