YouTube May Offer Pay Movies

This makes a lot of sense for everyone involved, just wondering what took them so long. There’s already so many visitors to the site watching short clips or trailers of movies, why not have a recommended engine which then allows users to watch a similar full length movie? Especially as more clips are coming out in HD? I think Netflix has proven that the digital streaming model is immensely popular and can bring financial success.

NY Times

Movie studios have been pushing YouTube to consider charging for certain types of content, said a person briefed on the discussions. YouTube appears willing to do so if the studios agree to give it access to enough of their newer films close to when they come out on DVD, the person said. One studio executive — who was briefed on the talks but spoke on the condition of anonymity to minimize disruption to the discussions — said the issues still to be resolved were pricing and the timing of YouTube releases. Though DVD sales have dropped, studios remain protective of the period during which films and shows are available on DVD but not in other formats.