Panasonic Bows 3D Home Theater Road Show

What a busy news day today. I know 3D has been around for a long time so I just am stunned at how rapidly this has come to the forefront as being all the buzz in the movie world recently. With some successful and well implemented movies that do more with 3D than just cheesey effects, who would have thunk it!

Home Media Mag

Panasonic’s The Full HD 3D system, which utilizes plasma technology and a prototype Blu-ray Disc player, will be showcased in three custom-built, expandable tractor trailers that feature a 3D home theater environment and can accommodate between 25 and 35 people per demonstration. The tour ( will visit corporate headquarters of retailers, industry conferences, universities, athletic events and trade shows, including CEDIA Expo 2009, which runs from Sept. 9-13 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.