HDMI 1.4 and Through the Ages

We’ve been hearing the buzz on yet another HDMI standard, 1.4, coming out shortly and how you’ll need new everything to get it working. Here’s a good breakdown of the spec with what it’s going to contain, as well as a brief history on HDMI…where it’s been and what hopefully the future holds for it.


In a general sense, it seems like HDMI is continuing to add features in a bid to stay relevant and possibly to maintain some kind of "lead" over rival DisplayPort (which has yet to make any inroads into the CE market beyond Macs and PCs). It is apparent that for the mainstream consumer, HDMI v1.0 was sufficient for everything in mainstream use today. 1080p, 8-channel PCM audio (taken from Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD sources) and the unstandardized and largely useless CEC were all present in v1.0. Improvements since then have been mostly an effort to assuage audiophile and videophile consumers’ dreams of world domination – with no real practical application for the masses.