New Logitech Harmony 700 Remote


I guess the vail has been pulled on this remote. I’ve been actively using this for quite some time for testing and can say it’s pretty darned reliable. Not ready to drop my 890 for it (I actually use the RF) but the feature set is pretty complete. Don’t worry, expect a full review once we get closer to launch.



But Harmony 700 isn’t just beautiful, it’s brainy too. One of the most interesting features of the Harmony 700 is the way it can help you recover from incorrect delay settings. IR delays are pretty complicated stuff, and when they’re not set correctly you might experience a device not turning on or an input not being switched correctly when starting an activity such as “Watch TV”. Now, with Harmony 700, if you use the on-remote Help button repeatedly to solve the same delay-related problem, the remote will recognize that and prompt you to fix the setting right on the remote.