HDGuru’s CEDIA 2009 Report and Analysis Part 1

I know you guys have probably had your fill of CEDIA news, but I always enjoy the HDGuru’s perspective on things so thought some might enjoy a few of his takes on the show.


JVC brought three significant products to Atlanta. The GD-463D10 is the first large screen 3D LCD monitor offered in the USA and is designed primarily for post production and other commercial use. Unlike the Mitsubishi DLP 3D projection televisions or the Panasonic’s 103″ prototype (which require active “shutter glasses”) the JVC uses a process called “circular polarization” to produce immersive 3D images. The required 3D glasses are passive (no electonic shutters) and are similar to the ones handed out at 3D movies. They provide a distinct left and right image for each eye continuously, at a resolution of 1920 x 540.