Gladiator Blu-ray Not as Great as Expected?

If you read our Blu-ray releases for the week , you’ll note that two of my favorite films–Braveheart and Gladiator–were being released this week. Unfortunately, the buzz around some screenshots on the internet was quite dissapointing for the transfer of Gladiator. Here’s an actual review of the discs–good news is Braveheart is "Breathtaking." Bad news, seeing how great Braveheart is makes you not want to watch Gladiator. Thank goodness my pick of the week was Braveheart!

The Digital Bits

The video and audio quality of Braveheart on Blu-ray is… in a word… breathtaking. The colors are lush and accurate. Contrast is spot-on perfect. And the detail visible in the image is just wonderful. The quick flit of arrows, the glint of individual links of chainmail armor, the subtle textures of leather and cloth… it’s all just delightful. By the time Wallace and his men ride onto the field of battle at Stirling, and you see the crumbled blues of the war paint on their faces, you will be absolutely won over by this presentation. I’ve simply never seen the film looking this good before. Not once, even in theatres. It’s just perfectly nuanced and natural looking – absolutely first-rate for a catalog title of this relatively recent vintage. If you’re a fan, it’s COMPLETELY pleasing, such that you’ll have a strong emotional response to the quality as you watch.