Blu-ray Releases – August 2, 2011

Lots of releases this week. Eastbound & Down is one of the most hilarious comedy shows on TV, so if you’ve missed it or never gave it a shot, please do. The Conan movies (the original, not this crap remake garbage) starred the Governator himself back in the day; the movies weren’t phenomenal but they were very entertaining…and hey, they paved the way for Red Sonja. Final Destination 3D is exactly what you will expect it to be, so if you liked the first 24 Final Destinations, then you will like this one as well.

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week

Arguably THE best comedy of John Cusack’s career, he plays a young high school student where everything seems to be going against him. He doesn’t make the ski team and his girlfriend leaves him for the captain of said ski team. It’s a total 80’s film from start to finish and it was absolutely hilarious. SO many movies and TV shows have since used items from this film–e.g., holding the stereo above your head in the front lawn of your girlfriend’s house. Legendary movie which you should all go see if you haven’t already!

Note:  Warner Brothers, Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with **  next to the title.

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    Wow…  where to start.  The

    Wow…  where to start.  The new Conan hasn’t even come out yet and you’re bashing it?  From what I’ve seen in clips and trailers, it looks pretty decent.  Jason Momoa can definitely pull off a badass role.  In fact, that’s pretty much all he’s ever played.  I’m a big fan of Arnold’s movies, but Conan (both of them) was pretty weak; even James Earl Jones couldn’t save it.  Red Sonja?  Oh my.  I’d rather watch reruns of Xena.

    Moving on to your actual pick, I do agree that the movie itself is a classic.  Anyone who grew up in the 80’s repeats the “2 dollars” line at every possible opening.  What I don’t know is how well this movie transfers to Blu-ray.  If it looks and sounds no better than the DVD, what’s the point?  Amazon is only showing the DVD and (gasp!) VHS reviews thus far.  So, I’ll withhold my judgement until I actually see it or read a few reviews highlighting the quality of the transfer.  (See what I did there?  Wink )

  • “holding the stereo above

    “holding the stereo above your head in the front lawn of your girlfriend’s house”

    That scene is actually from the film “Say Anything”, also starring John Cusack, not from “Better Off Dead”.  It’s like saying Anthony Michael Hall nabbed Molly Ringwald’s panties in “The Breakfast Club”. 😀 Easy mistake to make, though.

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    We’ve got a Cusack/80’s

    We’ve got a Cusack/80’s nostalgia tour starting, apparently.  I still loved One Crazy Summer.  Demi Moore was absolutely priceless:  “I know Dow.”  I’m pretty sure that was the same movie with the freakishly ruthless Girl Scouts:  “Save her!”  They were after you like zombies.

  • Well considering “One Crazy

    Well considering “One Crazy Summer” is sometimes referred to as “‘Better Off Dead…’ Goes To The Beach” I don’t think your mix up is bad.

  • Did I just get into a Hot Tub

    Did I just get into a Hot Tub Time Machine?

    • George L. Schmauch Jr.

      swoon wrote:Did I just get


      Did I just get into a Hot Tub Time Machine?


      Maybe.  At least this one will be a good ride, though!  Innocent