Dish Reveals Some of its Blockbuster Plan


We’ve all been wondering what Dish Network’s plans were for Blockbuster ever since the acquisition earlier this year. Just a few minutes ago, details were unveiled for the Blockbuster Movie Pass subscription which will include DVD, Blu-ray, Games, in-store exchanges and on-demand streaming for $10 a month. The catch is that this plan is only available to Dish subscribers, some of whom will also receive the service free for one year with certain packages. The company asks non-Dish subscribers to “stay tuned.”

With Blockbuster’s major competitor, Netflix, losing a bit of its lustre recently, Dish Network’s reveal certainly seems timely. While the impact will likely be limited so long as the Blockbuster service offering is only available to Dish subscribers, the service could possibly offer a compelling value to non-Dish subscribers if it becomes more widely available. Presumably, subscribing to Dish offers a subsidized pricing scheme and the Blockbuster Movie Pass subscription will either cost more or have fewer features for non-Dish subscribers. For all you Netflix and Qwickster subscribers, is the Blockbuster Movie Pass intriguing you?

At its “a stream come true” event today, Dish Network finally revealed its plans for a subscription video service called Blockbuster Movie Pass. That includes access to discs (movies and games) by mail, streaming video to the TV and PC and linear TV service from Dish, all in one package. Check back for more information “the most comprehensive entertainment package ever” as it becomes available or just peep the live video stream of the announcement embedded after the break.

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  • You know, if they hadn’t

    You know, if they hadn’t closed most of the Blockbuster stores that in-store exchange policy might have been more attractive…

  • The requirement to have Dish

    The requirement to have Dish Network service keeps me from even thinking twice about it.  Now when they offer service for everyone, I’ll see how the prices are.

  • Does this mean that a Dish

    Does this mean that a Dish subscription is required to access any of Blockbuster’s services?  I had been contemplating going back to BB for Blu-Ray rentals with the current state of chaos at NetFlix, but not if it means signing up with Dish.  I’m a happy FIOS subscriber and I intend to stay that way.

    • The new Blockbuster Movie

      The new Blockbuster Movie Pass subscription service currently requires a Dish Network subscription, but none of the other existing services do. They also teased that there is something in store for non-Dish subscribers.

  • I hope Dish increase # of

    I hope Dish increase # of DVDs out a plan for customers since I am from Texas but if 3 dvds out a time still maximum then it will be suck cuz I noticed dvds coming to me like once a weekly seems overpriced.  it supposed to be 1 day shipping back to distribution then get another one but  since it was getting merged so i hope they do something with in-mail service.