Griffin Beacon Universal Remote for iPhone

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote

The idea of universal remotes is nothing new, as is the idea of interactive smartphones. What has only been done sparingly, and mainly with home theater PC (HTPC) focused consumers in mind, has been the leveraging of your smartphone with your home theater. Griffin has made a name for itself for more general consumer electronics components, but is aiming to […]

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Zediva Laid Low by Permanent Injunction


Zediva, the company that wanted to break into the DVD rental business by streaming DVDs being played in remote DVD players rather than renting physical discs has been shut down permanently. We were pretty pessimistic about Zediva’s chances when the preliminary injunction was issued, but this injunction makes things final. Of course, the MPAA wouldn’t be satisfied with simply shutting […]

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Windows 8 Build 8141 Leaks with Media Center Inside


Even before Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview at the Build Conference, Steven Sinofsky had let the world know that although Windows Media Center would be returning with Windows 8, we would not see it in the first pre-release builds. One of the questions that was left unanswered was whether Media Center would return in essentially the same integrated […]

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Apple Makes Apple Lossless Audio Codec Open Source

apple music.jpg

The best part about today’s giant hard drives is not having to compromise on the quality of my music encoding. I typically encode with WMA Lossless simply because it works with all of my systems and devices. However, I know many geeks prefer to use FLAC because of its open source roots. Open source advocates now have the choice of […]

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Boxee iPad App Updated to Version 1.2


It seems no media streamer is complete these days without an accompanying mobile device app, and the Boxee Box is no exception. We liked the Boxee iPad when it launched a few months ago and it just keeps getting better. Like many other streamer apps, Boxee for iPad now includes remote control functionality, along with a collection of improvements to remote […]

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The Importance of Backups


I recently had the opportunity to utilize my extensive (though, not bullet proof) backup regimen and it managed to save my bacon in a fairly substantial way.  While this certainly is not isolated to HTPCs, I thought it might be a good idea to remind people of the importance of regular, reliable backups. As everyone surely knows by now, SageTV […]

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Redbox to Raise DVD Rental Prices


Normally this would be a sick Halloween trick, but this is no treat either. Starting Monday October 31st Redbox is to raise its DVD rental prices by 20%. Going from a $1 a day rental model and bumping up its rental prices of DVD movies to $1.20 a day. You would have thought that services like Rebox would have learned […]

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