MLab Study Surveys BitTorrent Throttling Among Major ISPs


BitTorrent has had a rocky go of it with Internet Service Providers. Whether used for legitimate purposes or not, many ISPs have chosen to throttle BitTorrent connections. Mlab was established a few years ago specifically to study the network management practices of major ISPs. Though BitTorrent throttling was the not the only interest of MLab, it was definitely a major focus. MLab […]

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United Kingdom and Ireland to Get Neflix Early 2012

Netflix seams to be in the news a lot lately, mostly for the bad news, however for our international readers, Netflix has announced it will be expanding its online streaming service to the UK and Ireland in early 2012. While the exact details on pricing, availability, movie selection, and device support, it is still great news for those looking to […]

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ATT U-verse Set-Top Boxes go Wireless

With all of the talk of wireless lately, why not add AT&T U-verse into the mix. Starting Monday October 31st (Happy Halloween) AT&T will be releasing an additional box that will convert your U-verse set-top box into an all wireless device (not including HDMI and power cables). If you have constraints in your home of not being able to run […]

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