DVBLink v4 Products are Released

DVB Logic Logo

The folks over at DVB logic have issued a new version of DVB link. Version 4 is built off of a completely new architecture and forms the basis for future development and extention of the product. Updates in this version include: the ability for 8 virtual tuners in Windows Media Center as well as support for live TV in Boxee, […]

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AMD Llano A8-3800 CPU and GIGABYTE A75M-UD2H microATX Motherboard


New platforms are particularly interesting to us as home theater PC (HTPC) enthusiasts because it gives us a chance to clearly see how a generation of progress can be transformed into tangible benefits.  Not long ago, integrated graphics processors (IGP) were strictly the choice of budget-minded consumers, but the recent relocation of the graphics processing unit (GPU) from the chipset […]

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