One Service to Rule Them All: Netflix Ditches Qwikster

Netflix Logo

Well, that didn’t take long. Netflix has already decided to kill off it’s new spin-off, Qwikster. The goal had been to spin the DVD rental business off into a separate company, but the immediate reaction was unsurprisingly hostile. No one questioned that Netflix would eventually have little use for the DVD rental part of their business, but no one was […]

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TiVo Premier Elite Now Available

Just announced on the TiVo Blog, the new quad tuner TiVo Premier Elite is now available for order. The new TiVo packs in 4 tuners, a 2 terabyte hard drive, and is THX certified. The Permier Elite is based off of the TiVo series 4 architecture supporting cable card tuning. The Elite also supports 80.11N wireless, USB and eSATA for […]

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