Logitech Harmony Link Reviewed


Logitech recently jumped into the phone and tablet universal remote market with the Harmony Link. The idea is simple: Make use of a phone or tablet to communicate via Wi-Fi to a bridge device which translates the commands to infrared (IR) for use by most home theater components. Logitech also adds in its Harmony database and setup routines used in […]

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More Open Apps Marketplace Rumored for Xbox 360

Rumors have circulated before that Microsoft was planning on opening up the development platform for the Xbox 360 to allow for an app store. It is no secret that the upcoming dashboard update will add an Apps section and a link to an Apps Marketplace, but these apps are going to fit the current mold of app deployment on the […]

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SlingPlayer Goes Big for Honeycomb Tablets

Sling for Honeycomb

The SlingPlayer mobile app has been available on Android for a while now, but only for Android phones. Folks running Android Honeycomb-based tablets like the T-Mobile 7″ tablet have been left to use an app designed for a 3-4 inch screen on their 7-10 inch tablet. The Android phone app will continue to work on tablets in this less-than-optimal “compatibility mode”. The […]

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Roku Announces Purple Roku LT and HBO Go Channel

Roku LT

HBO Go has been on the go lately, hopping on new devices left and right. The latest device to receive HBO Go support is the Roku. Roku announced today that the HBO Go channel should be available to all Roku owners by the end of October, though it still requires a user be a standard HBO subscriber before unlocking its […]

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Sony SMP-N200 Review

Sony announced their new 3D-capable media streamer, the SMP-N200, a while back, promising that it would arrive in October. It is now October and CNET has not only whipped up a review, but a video review to boot, so that you can see the petite streamer in action. At $99 dollars, the SMP-N200 is facing stiff competition from fellow second-generation […]

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UltraViolet Digital Locker Now Open for Business

The “buy once, play anywhere” solution which has been hyped about for a few years now has finally oped up its doors for business. Starting tomorrow you will the first movie with UltraViolet, Horrible Bosses. The buy once, play anywhere solution allows up to 6 concurrent users, has support for iOS and Android devices which definitely has some value there. […]

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Comcast Testing A La Carte Waters with MyTV Choice

Comcast seems to be keeping itself busy cooking up all sorts of new services in its test kitchens in Pennsylvania. The Comcast chefs’ latest concoction is a potentially tasty treat that tries to balance the exquisite flavors of true a la carte programming with the satisfying gluttony of channel packages. Labeled MyTV Choice, the service has been test run in […]

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Build Guide: Fanless Power Supply System

Fans are the biggest source of noise in most computers and the power supply fan is often the worst offender, which is why passively-cooled, fanless power supplies are so attractive to home theater and silent PC enthusiasts. I know I’ve been eyeing Seasonic’s X-400 Fanless for my next HTPC build. Finding a high-quality fanless power supply is hard enough, but […]

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