DirecTV Streaming Live TV to iPad


We’ve mentioned DirectTV’s recently launched Nomad device before that allows DirecTV subscribers to take their DVR recordings on the road. The downside to the Nomad was that you could only load up your mobile device on your home network. DirecTV has updated their iPad app with support for live TV streaming, but like Nomad transfers, it only works from your […]

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AMD Prepping Brazos 2.0 for Q1 2012

brazos 2.0.jpeg

AMD’s Brazos family of low-powered APUs was intended to help AMD compete in the netbook and nettop market, and the higher-end Zacate chips have been a popular choice for folks looking into silent HTPC builds. Now word comes that Brazos is expected to receive a refresh in the first part of 2012. At this point the refresh, known as Brazos […]

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Qualcomm Looking to Skifta App to Promote DLNA

skifta app.jpg

Got an Android phone and want to send a video to your TV, then Qualcomm may have just the app for you. Skifta is an app that Qualcomm has been working on for a while now to provide DLNA access and control for Android devices with the specific goal of introducing DLNA to mainstream users. Educating consumers about DLNA is […]

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Warpia Announces New Value Edition StreamHD

Warpia StreamHD Value Edition

Today Warpia is introducing a new value edition of their StreamHD wireless audio and video streamers. The SWP110A is a cheaper and less featured filled version of its older brother the SWP120A, which we reviewed back in july. Retailing at 129.99 the StreamHD Value Edition lacks the ability for optical or 3.5 inch audio connections, requiring that all audio be transmitted […]

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Warner Bros. Takes 28 Day Banhammer to Blockbuster


About two years ago, Warner Bros. decided that declining DVD sales were the result of ubiquitous, inexpensive rentals and pushed Redbox into a 28 day delay on new movie rentals. Netflix came next, then Blockbuster Express. Blockbuster had managed avoid a similar agreement, presumably because the company’s bankruptcy proceedings had made the company too weak to push into signing on. Well, […]

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Cryo PC Alto Reviewed


Cryo PC, a custom PC builder in the UK, has a line of home theater PCs. The mid-range Alto, like all of Cryo’s PCs, can be tweaked in a variety of ways. Cryo’s list of HTPC case choices is particularly extensive. XSreviews took an Alto built in a Zalman HD503 for a spin and found a lot to write about. This […]

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