JRiver Media Center Begins Media Center 17 Beta


JRiver Media Center quietly turned their audiophile PC music player into a full featured media playback application over the last few releases.  In the last revision they added Red October (a feature that tames DirectShow codec selection) as well as bringing madVR support to a SAF friendly 10′ UI (Theater View).  The latest rev (dubbed B17) brings better TV support […]

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AOL Radio Now Powered by Slacker, More Slacker Deals Hinted

AOL Radio Powered by Slacker

Mention streaming music services these days, and the conversation is almost certain to turn to Spotify and Pandora. AOL Radio may not get the spotlight much anymore, but as one of the oldest music streaming services and still one of the more popular, it shouldn’t be ignored. Evidently another former music streaming darling agrees as Slacker has stepped in to […]

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OpenELEC Version 1.0 Released


Version 1.0 of OpenELEC has been released to the public. OpenELEC, or Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center, is a Linux distro built from the ground up to serve one purpose: to run XBMC. Version 1.0 of OpenELEC has been released to the public. With Linux stripped down and rebuilt to serve the needs of XBMC, the OpenELEC team are promising an […]

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Migrating the MythTV Database Between Installations

Mythconverg_backup in progress

For years now I’ve been running the same Linux installation and the same MythTV installation on the same hardware.  From time to time I would upgrade the MythTV installation or the OS to the latest revision but it was always an upgrade from the previous and not a clean install.  However, earlier this summer I was faced with a hardware […]

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Five Way NAS Roundup

Netwrok Hard Drive

The HTPC hobby starts out innocently enough. You hook a spare computer up to the TV in the living room, just to try it out. Next thing you know you have computers and media streamers in every room and they all need access to the same files. Early entry-level NAS devices were pretty much dumb boxes, but these days the […]

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Glasses-Free 3-D TVs Only Three Years Away, Sorta

When 3D TVs first started hitting the market, I yawned. For me, glasses-free was where it was at. Of course, I expected it would still come in the form of a flat screen that simulated the appearance of three dimensional objects. A company named Zebra Imaging has hooked up with DARPA to develop the ultimate in 3D: a hologram TV. […]

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Netflix App Now Available for Honeycomb Tablets

Netflix on Android

The Netflix app has been available on Android for a while now, but only on devices that supported Android 2.2 or 2.3. Now, just in time for the release of Android 4.0, the Netflix app is available on Android 3.x devices. The app will also be available in Canada and Latin America for the first time. Android 3.x, or Honeycomb, is […]

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